What to Know Before Booking
Your Tee Times

Are you booking a golf course in Portugal for the first time? There are six things you need to know before doing so. These little snippets of advice relate to your holiday finances, golf etiquette, and you own personal skill level.

There are many ways you can qualify for discounts

Many holiday makers in Portugal fail to take advantage of the multiple discounts available to them. By doing a number of things, you can easily reduce your entire holiday costs by about 20%. That’s a huge chunk that can be better distributed to spending or some extra golf!

Try the following:

  • Book your course times in advance and ask for a discount
  • Combine travel and accommodation expenses
  • Opt for a package that includes everything you need at a discounted rate
  • Book your accommodation close to the golf course you’ll be playing so that transport isn’t an unnecessary expense

Pro shops in Portugal are not cheap

Something else to consider before booking your tee times in Portugal is that the equipment at resident pro shops is not cheap. Be sure to pack every single golf club you think you may use. Also take along a bag of golf balls and be sure you have enough in case you lose some. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your game hindered because you don’t have the right tools. Don’t compromise on your game—bring all your equipment.

Each course demands specific techniques

It’s just as important to study the course you plan to play in order to discover what skills will be required. Is your putting up to scratch for wide, sloped greens? What about your bunker play? Are you prepared to escape the odd bunker on a course that has too many to count? Other golf courses have holes that require long drives and decent approach shots. Will you be able to handle every challenge the course throws at you?

Practice, practice, practice!

Once you know what a golf course holds, you can train for it a lot better. This is another suggestion that we’ll make; practice before you take on your golf course. This will not only prepare you to avoid disappointing yourself, but will also put you way ahead of your opponents. In addition to diligent training on certain areas of your game, take a good look at the course map. Begin to strategise how you will approach each hole and how you will conquer the course as a whole.

Most courses have a strict dress code

Last but not least, remember that the golf courses in Portugal have strict dress codes. Find out about the dress code when you book your course times. Try to avoid buying clothes at the on-course golf shop. These will be quite expensive so rather find out how you should dress and pack accordingly. Hopefully these tips have helped prepare you for your golf trip to Portugal. The better prepared you are, the more you’ll enjoy your vacation.

A golf Course May not Always be Suited to Your Skill Level

It’s a good idea to research a golf course before playing it. There are plenty of websites that will give you the characteristics of each course in Portugal. Make sure the golf course you are considering is one that can be played at your level. You’ll find that certain courses are designed for beginners, while others are more suited to professionals. Then there are those that are perfect for all skill levels—just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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