Advanced Golf Instruction On Hitting A Flop Shot From The Rough

The flop shot allows the ball to travel a long distance and land on the ground softly. Using this shot depends on where the ball needs to go. For instance, a target may be in line with a bunker or there is limited space for roll where the ball intends to land. As you take your shot try to imagine where you want the ball to go and how to execute the shot successfully. Once you think about elements that need to be in place you can get an idea of actions necessary to complete the shot. Here is basic instruction on how to hit a flop shot from the rough.

  • Visualize the shot before taking it. This may seem easy enough but as you visualize concepts of the shot, think about your body positioning, your swing motion, and where you want the ball to land. As you think about what can happen when you hit the ball, you need to think about components you need in place to make the shot a reality.
  • Check the area the ball is being played from (lie). Look at the target area and consider where you think you can get the ball to land. As you do this, consider the ground itself. Does it have a slope, elevated greens, or is it flat? This will give you an idea of how the ball may hit the ground when it makes contact.
  • Start with an open toe when you setup. An open toe can help you establish good contact with the ball and help you stay on point when your swing. As you swing stay on the plane your clubhead will travel toward the ball. An open toe will also give you good balance.
  • The ball can be played from middle of stance. The middle of your stance may help you get good distance and allow you to get the ball in the air when you make contact. You can actually try a few shots with the ball in different positions to get a better idea of why playing from the middle gives better results.
  • The clubface should be swung toward the sky when considering body angle. As you swing your iron part of your upper body forms an angle. To ensure you complete a full swing consider swinging your clubhead toward the sky as you follow through.

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