Golf Wind Game Secrets: 5 Ways To Improve Your Scores

Playing against the wind is one of the biggest challenges that most golf players have to deal with from time to time. It gets even worse for the beginner and intermediate golfers who are still to master some of the essentials of wind play. Unfortunately, golf is an outdoor sport, so most of the time you will have to brace up and face the wind. It is only in dire circumstances that the game can be called off and played later on after the weather has calmed down a bit.

In as far as golf play is concerned however, you will need to master some skills for playing against the wind. Once you can study the wind properly and know what to do, you will never have to struggle with your game at all.

The following are some simple secrets that will help you perfect the ability to play golf against the wind, and perform better while you are at it too:

  • Study the wind

  • De-loft your club

  • Focus on the tree tops

  • Play the wind to your advantage

  • Proper grip

Study the wind

One of the most important things that any player must understand is the fact that you cannot play in or against the wind without first of all studying it. Professional players can tell you with precision the type of wind that is blowing, and the impact that it could have on the ball you are about to play.

De-loft your club

From time to time you will come across people talking about de-lofting the club, in an attempt to play the wind properly. In this scenario, what you are basically doing is having the ball back in your stance, and your hands pushed up a little further ahead.

Focus on the tree tops

There is no better place to help you learn the nature of the wind than the tree tops. This is important because you will notice the ball losing the momentum immediately it hits the top of its trajectory.

Play the wind to your advantage

In this case, try and curve the ball or fade it into the wind in a right to left manner, so that the wind can help you land the ball softly on the ground.

Proper grip

If you are playing out on a windy environment, make sure you grip down so that you can get awesome control.

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