Professional Advice On How To Cure Your Putting Faults

Sometimes even seasoned and professional golfers go through a phase in their golfing career where they’ll lose their putting edge. We often see that these players slip from their rankings, and all that is because of their putting game. And if the professionals face the problems, beginners and normal golfers can lose their putting edge quite often, leaving them embarrassed and dejected. But there are obviously many ways to correct your putting game to a certain extent and regain that magical touch again. There are a lot of factors that can affect your putting game, like the confidence level, the amount of pressure you apply onto the club, inadequate Pre-Putt routines, too tensed, no focus and concentration etc., as the list goes long.


One of the most import aspect for a successful putting is the amount of pressure you put on the club, which we’ll explain in seven easy steps, so that you can get the ball to the hole in fewer steps than before. So the steps explained below are provided by the best professional golf coaches around, and if followed, can yield results in no time.

  1. First, make yourself stand in the normal putting position
  2. Now when you are ready, slightly raise the putter little over one-one and half inches above the ground
  3. Now gently swing your putter using your shoulders, with no power from your wrists. Do this back and forth swinging exercise for a couple of times.
  4. Once you are swinging, you should concentrate to see whether you feel the weight of the handle or the putter head. If you feel the weight of the handle, then it means you are putting too much pressure on the handle.
  5. Close your eyes and continue the exercise till you feel the weight of the putter.
  6. Now with the eyes closed, slightly tighten the pressure on the club and observe the changes in your swinging motion. You may feel the swing tends to slow down, or feel the weight of the handle of the putter, than the putter head.
  7. Now continue this exercise, with a slightly loosened grip on the putter, so you can start feeling the weight of the putter head. Also, you can see that swinging comes back to the normal swinging motion. So continue the exercise by changing the grip pressure on the putter.

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