What Every Golfer Ought To Know About Proper Alignment

How you begin your alignment at the beginning of your shot may affect your end result. In other words, when you make shots that produce lack luster results or you are not getting the low scores you want, you may think to make changes to your swing. Your swing may be fine, but it could be your alignment. This has to do with how you align your body before you begin your swing. Making slight changes to placement of your feet and how you approach the shot can make a difference. Here are tips to help you develop good alignment for your shots.

What Happens When You Lack Proper Alignment?

If you don’t have proper alignment you end up throwing your shot off line. You may already know what happens during poor alignment but some players may not realize it is the problem causing them to make poor shots. If your alignment is poor your posture may also need work.

Determine Good Placement of Your Feet

Your feet should be spread just a bit depending on the swing motion you plan to execute. You can conduct practice swings to help you understand how feet placement affects results. For instance, when you line your feet up behind the ball your clubhead should travel in a straight line right in front across your toes as it makes contact with the ball.

What Position is the Ball?

Depending on where you are standing and how you need to hit the ball toward your target, consider the position of the ball or where it should be positioned in order to achieve favorable results. This is another element important to how your body is aligned when you take your shot.

Check Your Grip

Your grip helps you control your swing motion and power behind the ball. If you are gripping the club too tightly you could have tension building up that contributes to your alignment. If you are relaxed and gripping the club like you should be your alignment will be in line with the ball when you swing. You should have a grip that feels comfortable all the way through your swing.

Do You Have a Pre-Shot Routine?

A pre-shot routine will help you check your alignment before you take your shot. You can practice swinging your club and pay attention to how your body is aligned when you swing a few times. Make changes as needed.

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