Which Golf Resort In Algarve To Select For The First Time

First timer to Portugal

If you are planning your first golfing trip to Portugal, I envy you. Taking your golf game to the south of Europe is an experience that will change your forever. However, in the increasingly complex world that we live in, we have to consider many more options before we feel we have enough information to make a decision. In the context of this article, choosing a golf resort for your first trip is no easy task. This article will help you navigate the minefield of information online and help you choose a golf resort in Portugal with a minimum of time and effort investment.

Lisbon, The Algarve or Madeira?

The three most populous regions of Portugal all have excellent golfing facilities. However, The Algarve has significantly more golf resorts to choose from than the capital city or the island of Madeira. If this is your first visit, you will have more choice if you stick to the South of Portugal. If, after one visit, you want to experience the bustle of the capital or the nature of Madeira, you can look for golfing destinations outside The Algarve.

Eating the elephant

If this is your first visit to a golf resort in Portugal, it may be prudent to stay at a more modest resort and get to know the Algarve region. If you return the next year then you can aim for more opulent accommodation next time.

Here are some resorts that you should consider:

  • Penina Hotel and Golf Resort
  • The first golf resort built in the Algarve. Sir Henry Cotton (considered the best British golfer ever before Nick Faldo came along) saw the potential of the region as a golf destination. He birthed the modern golfing holiday and Penina was his main base in Portugal. The resort does attract more senior and golf-obsessed crowd but is a safe bet for your first holiday in Portugal.

  • Praia Del Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort
  • Visit this resort and you might think that you are at a 5star American-style resort in Florida. You won't really experience anything authentically Portuguese at this resort but you will enjoy living in the lap of luxury for a few days

  • Vale do Lobo resort
  • The Vale do Lobo site is perfect for families (tennis, swimming pool, kids clubs, etc.) and for groups who don't want to venture out. With an onsite supermarket, why would you?

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