Tips That Will Help You To Have Fun While A Golf Break In Portugal

So you have decided to undertake a golfing trip to Portugal. The Iberian Peninsula, both Portugal and Spain are extremely popular golfing locations and draw golfers from all over the world, but particularly from Europe, due to the close proximity.

Thanks to a combination of excellent weather all year round as well as some of the best golf courses in Europe, Portugal has much to offer the golfing enthusiast and their family. In this article, we will give you some tips when visiting Portugal for your golfing holiday.

Don’t overdo it!

Our first tip might seem a little strange, but it is an easy mistake to make. Sure golf is the reason you are visiting Portugal, but don’t overdo it! It is easy to get very carried away, especially with so many impressive courses and facilities to choose from. Although you could probably play two rounds a day if you are very fit, our suggestion is to start off with a round a day. This obviously depends on how long you are staying for but there is so much to see in this wonderful country that you should not deny yourself the chance of exploring other avenues. Just as an example, the Algarve region – one of the favorite areas to play golf – is filled with some of the best beaches in Europe, not to mention incredible cuisines as well as historical attractions.

Plan ahead

Going to Portugal without a set plan is going to overwhelm you when you get there. As mentioned, the sheer number of golf courses on offer means that without a plan, you will struggle to even begin to know where to start once in the country. Of course, you will in all probability book at a golf resort and play the course there, but if you are going for a week, then the opportunity to play so many other courses arises. Begin by researching online exactly which courses can be found around your base and book to play them in advance. You can save money as well by doing this!

Everything in moderation!

Finally, as with our first tip where we suggest golf in moderation, make sure you apply this to your whole golfing holiday. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but really, what is the point of trying to play some of bests courses in the world with a raging hangover!

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