Bunker Play Pre-Shot Routine: 5 Important Aspects

As a golf player it is important for you to have some pre-shot routines that you can use for whichever style of play you are working on. This is important so that by the time you are getting on the course, you are perfectly ready to play with a clear mindset. There are different elements of the game that you need to look into. Each of these warrants a specific kind of pre-shot routine.

A lot of people do struggle with bunker shots, and for a good reason too. These are some of the most difficult shots that you will ever have to play. With a good pre-shot routine however, you will ease out of the stress of playing a bunker shot, and have a smooth encounter on the course. The following are some important aspects that you need to consider when planning your pre-shot routine:

  • Train on the tempo
  • Consider the alignment
  • Look at the position of the ball
  • Ensure you are a good distance from the ball
  • Practice, lots of practice

Train on the tempo

It is important that you put in some work trying to determine the right tempo for bunker play. You will need to carry out a few swings, at least two swings, to check the tempo, and then from there you can release the tension.

Consider the alignment

How are your feet with respect to the ball? It might sound like something simple, but when you look at the number of players who struggle with this, you will understand why it is not. The proper alignment of your feet will help you play better.

Look at the position of the ball

Before you start playing, make sure that the ball is in a good position. To be precise, make sure that the ball is in such a position that is appropriate with respect to the intended target, and your stance.

Ensure you are a good distance from the ball

You need to have a good idea of the placement and position of the ball. Do not have your feet too close to the ball or you will hook it.

Practice, lots of practice

Practice is really important if you are to master these basics. Remember that a lot of people are afraid of playing the bunker shots, not because they do not know what to do, but because they simply are not keen.

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