Advanced Golf Tips To Help You Improve Your Skills

The Weird and Obscure

You might be one of those golfers that consumes a lot of golf instructional material. Maybe you watch the golf channel, you read golf magazines, and you've tried every tip out there. You've heard all the basic stuff before about getting your grip right, practicing your short game etc. This article will give you advanced secret tips that you might not have heard of before.

Get strong

Once upon a time it was believed that being big, strong and muscular would hurt golfers because they would lose flexibility and fluidity in their swing. Modern golfers who are muscular such as Tiger Woods and Camillo Villegas have proven that theory wrong. Getting in the gym and working on good old fashioned power moves such as the bench press and the squat will increase your clubhead speed and increase your distance off the tee.

Wear a smaller golf glove

Most golf gloves come in small, medium and large. If you usually wear a large then you should try a medium. If you usually wear a medium then you should try on a small glove. If you wear a small glove then try a ladies glove. The reason you should move down a glove size is that your golf glove should feel like a second layer of skin: it should be as tight as possible. A loose glove will move around too much and cause the club to slip. Don't worry if the glove is very tight because you should...

Take your glove off for more feel around the greens

Most players will wear a golf glove to hit their drives and irons but will remove the glove to chip and putt. Holding the club without a glove gives you more feel on these short shots that are all about finesse.

Line up your ball

There are only two times in golf that you have the ball in your hand: On the tee box and on the green. Take advantage of this and line your ball up on the tee and on the green. Grab a permanent marker and draw a line on the side stamp (the lettering on the side of the ball). When you get on the tee, point that line towards your target. When you are putting on the green, point that line towards your target. This tip will help you with your accuracy and alignment.

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