4 Hints On How To Perform A Chip Shot From A Bare Lie

Bare lies, also known as tight lies, can sometimes become awkward in your golf game. If you still are not aware of this term, then let me tell you that bare lies in a golf game happen when there is no or little grass below the golf ball, plus the ground is predominantly firm. This can happen as a result of a dry puddle on the green or dry weather conditions, which have prevented the growth of the grass.

You will experience lots of tight or bare lies in a classic golf course, such as St. Andrews, particularly in the summer season. Chip shots from a bare lie are generally notoriously difficult to play your golf shot from, since it is very easy to hit the golf ball thin. And, these thin chips are comparatively destructive, as they travel far off.

Thus, chip shots from bare lies prove to be difficult and can also hinder your game and thus lower your score. This is why most of the amateur golfers fear this type of shot and play it with trepidation. However, now you can hit nice chip shots on a bare lie too, with our expert tips and advice. You just have to follow these 4 techniques and see how your chip shot becomes perfect.

  1. Many golfers find bare lies daunting and they feel that they think that they will top or thin the ball. Due to this, they try and scoop the golf ball in the air, which in turn results in a thin or fat shot.

  2. You must play the ball slightly backwards in your posture, which is almost off your back foot, roughly around one or two inches from the center. This way you can strike down on the golf ball slightly more, in turn lowering a thin contact chances and promoting a solid contact with the golf ball.

  3. You should play a chip and run shot from anywhere you want to in a bare lie. However, you must use a 7-iron in a chip and run shot, with a shorter backswing and much less power as compared to a chip shot played with a lob wedge. In this, you will see that a well played chip and run shot will quite be similar to a poorly played chip and run shot. On the other hand, a bad lob wedge shot, which necessitates a longer backswing, will generally wind up costing shots.

  4. You must keep most of your bodyweight that is approximately 70 per cent of your total body weight on your front foot (right handed golfers should focus on the left side). Also, your hands must be placed in front of the golf ball and closer to your forward leg, while the shaft of your club should point towards your left hip. This will help you to hit the ball first, before your club strikes the ground.

These expert golf hints and easy set up adjustments will help you to perfectly tackle your chip shot from a bare lie, no matter if you are a novice golfer or a professional.

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