Golf Chipping Fundamentals Every Player Ought To Know

Have you closely observed top ranked golfers play the chip shot? You’ll be amazed to notice how effortless they make it look. Actually, chipping isn’t the toughest of shots. But, nonetheless, you need a clear understanding of the fundamentals to play the shot with ease. There are three things a player must get right to skillfully execute a chip: a touch of imagination, technique, and perfect execution. In this article, let’s discuss the ‘technique’ aspect of this golf shot.

Pre-swing technique

  • While addressing the ball, your stance must be slightly narrow with a gap of 6-8 inches separating the feet. The ball must be positioned slightly back of the center, more towards the trail foot.
  • The leading foot must bear nearly 80 percent of the body weight. This is crucial for a descending stroke at the point of impact. Also, lead the club forward, your hands must be ahead of the ball for chipping, and the butt end of the shaft pointing towards the hip.
  • The grip you adopt for chipping is not much different from that of putting or drive. Maintain the same grip. The hold/grip should be an inch or two down the club for greater control over the shot.
  • The shoulders, hips, and feet are to be aligned to the left of the target, whereas the club must have an open face pointed to the right of the target.

Swing technique

  • This is no drive, so you don’t get to choose the place from where you chip the ball. Some chips are close to the green, let’s say the ball sitting on the collar, and others may be far away, say the ball lying on the rough. What we are hinting at is, before chipping, take the lie of the ball and the situation of the game into consideration.
  • The sand wedge or pitching wedge will do just fine for chipping. The lie of the ball and the distance of the target also play a role in deciding the club to use. As you may know, most players prefer clubs with low loft, so that the ball stays less in the air and travels long and fast on the grass.
  • The swing you use must employ only your arms to create the arc, so ditch the wrist action. Normally, wrist action comes to play only if you seek higher loft on the ball.
  • Unlike a full swing of a drive, the chipping swing must be a curtailed one with a downward stroke and an accelerated swing through the impact zone. The point where the backswing ends and the point of finish of the swing must be of equal height.

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