A Comprehensive Manual with Golf Team Practice Drills

All you needed to know about team golf play

Forming a successful team of golf needs careful consideration of the golfers’ abilities and planning accordingly. Being in a golf team, you can practice these golf drills to improve your game.

Warm up

Warm up is the most important part of successful practice routine. Before you hit any golf ball, you must warm up with your team to stretch the body. Let all the golfers form a circle with a little distance from each other and perform a set of body stretching exercises. You can also select a team captain who can lead the team for exercising.

This warm up session also helps for team bonding. Make sure all of you warm up for at least 5-10 minutes. Warm up helps to avoid injuries, especially in the case of over- enthusiastic players.

The Range

Your team can have an unstructured or structured time that you spend on the golf range, based on the needs of your team and their abilities. If your team has a structured session, you can impose certain restrictions on the team such as every golfer should hit the same flag, or every player must use the same club, etc. While most golfers do not mind playing with restrictions, a few of them lose interest quickly.

If you are playing in an unstructured session, all the golfers can have to liberty to warm up as they please. If you are the captain, you can go from golfer to golfer to ask if they need your assistance. Lay special emphasis on the safety of range.

The drill

Drills should not take much time, despite being necessary for the team play. For instance, you can organize bunker play drills, swing drills, putting drills, or chipping drills for your team. However, to maintain the interest of the team for the game, you must keep the drilling session short. Since the needs of every player are different, they would like to practice for their needs only. For instance, if a golfer is weak at handling the bunkers, he/ she would like to drill for bunker play only, and not for putting if he/ she is good at it.

The course

You must spend most of your practice time with your team on the golf course. Based on individual abilities, you can divide groups of golfers. You can also make groups heterogeneous in case you have strong reasons for that. This gives the golfers an opportunity to learn from other players.

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