Four Simple Rules To Help You Be On Time With Golf Tee Times

Let’s think about an interesting scenario. You have spent time and money to book the tee time you want, at the golf course you’ve always wanted to play. Imagine that due to some unavoidable circumstances, you reach the course 10-15 minutes late. What would happen? Sorry to say this, if you’re not there at the allotted time, it’s just too bad; you’ll lose your tee time. If you show up late you become just another player arriving at the course without tee time reservation. Is there anything you can do to avoid such a scenario? Follow the below given four simple rules to help you be on time with golf tee times.

Be on the course well before the allotted time

I once showed up at the course just two minutes before the allotted time and received angry looks from my golf buddies. From that day, I make it a habit to note the tee time as an hour prior to the actual time. This way I’ll reach the golf course well before time and won’t inconvenience my friends and other golfers behind our group.

Use an alarm clock to get up online

If the tee time is set at 10 o’clock, you need to be at the course at least an hour or two before that time. Now, to adhere to this plan you need to be up early and that’s where most people fail. Although tee times are not business appointments, there are some rules of etiquette that every golf lover must follow. Use an alarm clock to help you get up early and remind you of the time to leave the house. You must complete all your tasks at home and be ready to leave the house when the alarm rings.

Make proper travel arrangements

Most golfers miss their tee time because of transportation delays. Avoid delays by relying on dependable modes of transport. If you’re using the bus or train to commute, be at the station on time. Ensure that the mode of transportation you choose will reach the destination at the right time. Plan the travel schedule well in advance.

Use technology to organize your tasks

Record the tee time, bus or train timings, the tasks you need to accomplish at home, the time of departure from your house, etc. on a device, preferably on a mobile app. Technology has made it very easy for golfers to be on time with golf tee times. Preload all the details on your phone organizer or app (there are hundreds online, available for free or for a small fee) and stick to the schedule.

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