Foolproof Methods To Get A Consistent Swing Path

The path the club head takes before it makes contact with the ball is considered the swing path of a shot. To get the swing path right, players have to focus on every element of a golf stroke – from the stance, setup, backswing, to the impact and follow-through. Every golfer dreams of possessing a long and accurate drive, and with a consistent swing path, you can achieve it. Not just the drive, the success of every golf stroke depends on a good swing path. In this article, we’ll discuss methods to get a consistent swing path.

Visualize before You Play

Visualization is a very powerful tool to develop a consistent swing path. Even before you execute a golf stroke, you’ve to play it in your mind. Visualizing will help you picture the path you need to take, the distance to hit, and the amount of acceleration to generate. Once that’s done, your muscles take over and execute the shot you’ve already played in the mind. Moreover, visualizing will help you stay focused. It’s a kind of pre-routine that’ll help you concentrate, and prevent the mind from wavering before the shot.

Focus on the Posture and Setup

A good swing path is nothing but the sum of perfectly executed elements of a golf shot. Every aspect of the shot must be perfect – the direction the body faces at setup, the grip, the position of the arms, shoulders, and head while playing the swing, etc, all play a crucial role. Understanding the fundamentals of a shot isn’t enough, players need to practice regularly to spot and rectify the setup errors and develop a consistent swing path.

Control the Backswing

Perfect control over the backswing will greatly help you play a consistent swing path. The backswing is an important factor and any mistake in that will ruin the swing path and golf stroke. Taking the club too far back or having a short backswing – both will negatively impact the swing path. You don’t have to worry, there are plenty of backswing drills that help you develop a more controlled backswing that’ll lead to a consistent swing path.

Let the Hands Lead the Way

Your wrists and hands are the closest points to the club. They guide the club through the swing path. If you can let the hands lead the way it would solve most of your problems. The same with the wrists; it’s important to practice drills that help you improve your hands and wrist control.

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