Free Golf Tutorial On How To Make A Shot From Behind A Tree

Many golfers hate the aspect of playing near a tree. The angle of the clubhead plays an important role along with having a precise swing path. Studying swing path and how it relates to getting the ball around the tree are aspects to pay close attention to. It may not be easy trying to work the ball from behind a tree, but there are aspects of your play that can be adjusted and practiced to get promising results. Here are a few points on how to make a shot from behind a tree.

Get Closer to Ball and Choke Down

When playing to get the ball from behind or around the tree, consider getting closer to the ball when setting up for the shot. Getting closer to the ball make it easier to choke down before swinging. This aspect helps the player establish control of the ball and their swing. When swinging through the shot create a swing that is about 70 percent of a full swing.

Aim Clubface Where Ball Starts

The clubface should be in good position before you swing. The face should aim at the ball but not just to ensure good contact is made. This element allows more room for error. This helps the shot not be as difficult but it may help in getting the ball from the tree without contact. If you clubface isn’t aimed in the direction the ball should move this could cause the ball to go straight to the tree.

Play with Open Stance

An open stance can make a difference depending on the shot you are trying to hit. If you want to slice the ball your stance would be open. If you want to hit a draw your stance would be closed. There is an imaginary stance line you want to pay attention to that comes directly across your feet. You can practice elements of a closed and open stance to get an idea of what happens when you hit the ball, especially from behind an object such as a tree.

Keep Swing Low

When you swing keep it low to help the ball move with clean motion. When hitting the ball use a long iron for better control. You can also practice aspects of this shot when changing position of the ball within your stance.

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