Hitting A Perfect High Shot With An Iron Club

Focus on high impact and low trajectory

You can implement several shots in the golf course from one hole to another. Mostly, players prefer to use the arching shot so that ball travels at a higher trajectory. Few adjustments to your club grip and swing can help you hit the perfect high shot using an iron club. A high shot helps the golf ball pass through the obstacles, ensures a longer drive as well as soft landing on the golf greens.


Keep the ball ahead of you in case you use long irons. Keep the ball near the front foot for accuracy. The face of your club must be aligned at a square with the golf ball. Balance yourself properly and get ready to hit the ball now. Keep the club low and use a long shaft; step away from the club to get a wider stance. In this way, your upswing will be better.

In case you are using 8-iron or 9-iron, you must keep the ball at the center. Keep the ball at center forward if you are using 5-iron, 6-iron or 7-iron. Drive the ball using the inside part of your front heel.

Address posture

When you address the golf ball, your body should be aligned to the aim. If you are a right-hander, you must aim towards the left of your target. Position the ball in a straight line with the target.

Short backswing

Use your chest to control swing speed with short irons. Align your torso with your arms. Move your chest slowly if you want to play a soft shot and adjust the swing accordingly. Use the back elbow to control the leading arm. Adjust the rear arm on the elbow and use the swing-lead arm to guide the ball cleanly.

Slower Downswing

When you reach the top of your swing shot, you must bring it down in a smooth manner. Once the approach is in progress, you can perform the downswing quickly. However, you have to maintain a body balance. In case you are using a long iron, you must practice the good tempo. You must implement a slow backswing and maintain a smooth rhythm.

However, prior to the downswing, you must rotate your hips, move them few inches towards the target and bring down your club. A combination of rotational and lateral movements helps you move forward appropriately along with adding more power to your shot.

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