Easy Tricks to Help You with Correcting your Golf Slice

Amateur golfers often confuse between a hook shot and a slice shot. A hook shot happens when you hit the ball badly and it takes a hard left turn. Golfers play this shot very rarely since it is difficult to manage. On the other hand, a slice shot is absolutely opposite to hook shot. The ball takes a rough right turn in this shot. A slice shot is caused when the golfers takes the shot with an open face of the club. It may happen if you move the lower body faster than the upper body.

How to cure slicing in golf

The best approach to cure slicing is to learn hitting a draw.

There are two main factors responsible for slice shot:

  • The swing path from out to in
  • Open clubface during the impact

When the path of the ball is very shallow and the face of the club is open in the direction of target, the slicing happens. You need to check the following things regarding your path of swing;

  • Check the grip: It is the foremost thing that controls the face of the club. The ideal grip is that when your forefinger and thumb make a ā€œVā€ shape on both hands and it points in the direction of your right shoulder, if you are a right-handed golfer.
  • Do not exert too much pressure while holding the golf club since tight grip opens the clubface more than required.
  • Practice your swings in front of a mirror: While practicing your swing, stop the follow across halfway before finishing. If your swing is correct, the toe of club will point upwards and the right hand will be released over the left hand.

After these checkpoints, you need to identify problems of swing path:

  • Position of the ball: The position of your ball should not be very far or close and the alignment should be square. You can check it in the mirror or on the practice tee when your clubs are on the ground. You need to note your aim and the position of your ball in your stance.
  • Check the divots: The divot should not be too shallow that is angled from the inner side to the outer side or no divot. If it happens, it means that you are approaching the ball quite more from the inner side. If your divots are too deep, it means that your swing is steeper than normal.

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