A Simple Way To Achieve Good Distance Control Off The Tee

The three variables of a golf drive that control the distance the ball would travel are: (I) the speed at which the ball travels; (II) the spin rate (i.e.) the amount of spin on the ball after impact; and (III) the launch angle (i.e.) the angle at which the ball flies after impact. By mastering the ability to influence these three elements, you can effectively control the drive and the distance the ball will travel after being struck. Let’s examine these three variables and also see how to control them.

Clubhead Speed

Novices, most of them if not all, think infusing speed into a drive is the easiest thing to do in golf. The majority of them think just by swinging fast, the ball will travel faster. Nothing can be further from the truth. Increasing the clubhead speed is all about timing, and very little about speeding the entire drive. The proper technique to follow is to start slow and increase the clubhead speed at the point of impact.

Another element of clubhead speed is the grip. Holding the club correctly will not only add to clubhead speed, it’ll also increase accuracy and reduce the chances of hook or slice.

Finally, improving your fitness with regular workout can greatly build up your torso muscles, and help you add momentum to your drive.

The Spin Rate

The next element – Spin, is one of the most vital influencers that dictate the height and distance the ball travels. The amount of backspin at impact depends on the spot on the clubface where the impact with the ball happened. Mastering spin control is pretty important if you want to be become anything more than just a part-time, recreational golfer. With increased back spin the ball will go high and travel short. Hence, for drive shots your aim must be to generate less spin to help gain distance and roll on the turf.

The Launch Angle

The third and final element to master is the loft or launch angle. Here is how it works: If you’re striking the ball with the average male golfer clubhead speed (i.e.) between 80-90 mph, the ideal launch angle of your driver must be 12-13degree; anything below this will negatively impact the distance. Similarly, with a clubhead speed of just 80mph, any driver less than 14-15degree will eat into the distance. Knowing how the launch angle will influence your drive will help you choose the correct angle to reach the target you have in mind.

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