7 Things To Do Before Going On A Golf Vacation With Your Kids

Going on a vacation with your kids is always a fun and thrilling experience. But there are also certain things you need to keep in mind to make the experience more enjoyable. This is especially true in case of a golf vacation.

So whether you are trying to introduce your little ones to the sport or trying to improve your own game, here are some things you need to do before going on a golf vacation:

  • The course must be youth-friendly
  • While picking a resort, make sure you check whether the place has a kid-friendly golf course. Check whether there are multiple golf courses with different difficulty levels or a single course with different tee locations.

  • On the spot kids courses
  • Some places just teach the kids how to drive a ball or putt in a driving range but never actually take them to the course. So, before going on vacation make sure that the place you are going to conducts training for kids on the golf course itself.

  • Check if there any golf camps for kids
  • If your kid is keen to prone his/her golf skills, then you should look for places that have kids’ camps in the resort itself. Here the kids can get daily pro lessons and even take part in kids’ golf tournaments.

  • Child-savvy instructors
  • Make sure you choose instructors who have experience in working with junior golfers. Check on the resort’s website whether the instructor has a junior golfer certification from a premier institution.

  • Golf clubs for kids
  • There should be golf clubs specially built for kids as well as several kid-friendly perks. Kids should not be provided cut-offs that are just adult golf clubs that have been shaved down to size

  • Discounted green fees
  • You should look online for resorts that offer deals for kids where they are given discounts or allowed to play for free as long as a paying adult accompanies them.

  • Choose a resort with several facilities
  • You must make sure you pick a golf resort that is family-friendly in the sense that it has other facilities besides golf. So if your kids have had too much of golf swings, they can take a dip in the pool or play tennis etc. It is always better to pick a place with many facilities so your kids can be entertained no matter what.

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