Quick Tips On How To Utilize Fairway Woods In Your Game

There are so many elements of the game that tend to get taken for granted from time to time. One of these is the need to use fairway woods. This is quite the challenge for a lot of people, because in the long run using the fairway woods is something that once you take up, you cannot stop. It is a part of the game that you cannot run away from. Playing the fairway woods is an important part of the game, and if you have not yet mastered it at the moment, you must realize how you are missing out.

One of the most interesting things that you will learn about playing this kind of game is the fact that while you are playing, you will tend to get better the more you work harder. If you relapse, do not give up, just relax, then get back to the training ground and work on the basics.

The following are some simple tips that will bring you closer to learning how to use the fairway woods:

  • Swinging through the shot
  • Transfer of weight
  • The descending blow
  • Set the ball back

Swinging through the shot

This is all about commitment. There are other players who set up for the shot properly, then as soon as they are about to hit the ball, they let the club act on its own. You need to ensure that you form a strong relationship with the club during the swing, and never let it go. Just as you had started, make sure you go on to complete the desired finish properly and you will never have to worry about the shot at all.

Transfer of weight

Weight transfer is a basic element of the game, something that a lot of people might already know about, but for some reason we still have to mention this. Transfer your weight properly, because this allows you to make a really good transition, which will make your work easier.

The descending blow

This is about the clubhead and the impact area. It is important that when you are bringing the clubhead down aiming for the ball, the downward trajectory should be just slight.

Set the ball back

Do not make the mistake of playing the ball too much forward in your stance. Remember that you are not teeing off, so there is no need for you to hit up on it.

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