Long Distance Putting Secrets – A Brief Golf Tutorial

Imagine this scenario: you have struck a 7-iron onto the green and even though you are pleased that you hit the green in regulation, you now have a 35-foot putt over two slopes. For the purpose of this article, we will define a short putt as less than 6 feet, a mid-range putt between 6 and 20 feet, and anything over 20 feet is classified as a long range putt. Most 3 putts in golf a caused not by missing easy short putts, but by poor long range putting.

Bigger Target

My first tip for you is to not aim for the whole but for an area around the whole. Let me explain. Visualize a 3-foot radius around the hole and by doing this you will have a bigger target to aim for. It will also give you a greater margin of error when you simply trying to get the ball close enough for an easy tap in with your next putt. Remember: your goal with long distance putting is to not to hole the putt (that would be a nice bonus) but to get it close enough to make your next putt a formality.

Loose Grip

My next tip is to make sure that you relax your grip on the putt. Try to hold the club so lightly that you can feel the weight of the clubhead at the end of the shaft. Gripping the club like this will ensure that your stroke is smooth and that you can feel the distance. Feeling the distance is more important than line and accuracy because long range putting is all about distance control.

Help From A Caddy

If you are playing in a group, ask your playing partner to hold the flag in the hole for you as you putt. If the hole is far away or if a slope in the green is hiding it from view, this will help you visualize where the hole is and help you focus on your target.

Watch And Observe

Your playing partners can be useful in other ways to improve you long-range putting. While you are waiting for your turn to putt, watch your playing partners chip and putt and take note of the speed of the green and also any breaks it has. Then, when it comes your turn to putt, you won't be surprised that the green is playing much slower or faster than the others on the course.

Try out these tips and you will suffer from fewer 3-putts and your score after 18 holes will be lower.

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