Top 5 Professional Tips For Dealing With Plugged Bunker Lies

Plugged Bunker shot is a really difficult task to accomplish if you are new to it. In this shot, the ball is buried half in the sand and half of the ball is visible and is above the sand. In such scenario, the very first preference of the golfer is to get the ball out of the semi-buried condition so that a shot can be played. In such condition, the Pros use 5 techniques which help them in taking the ball out and bringing out the maximum.

  1. 60 Degrees lob Wedge
  2. Pros always use a high trajectory and make an aerial hit. High trajectory causes the ball to stop with covering considerable linear distance. Some people hit the ball with a really powerful blow which as a result does take the ball out of the sand but there is no prediction about the spot, the ball will land on. Thus, powerful blows result in losing the control of the ball. Under normal conditions, Pros usually play with a wide-open club head.

  3. Hit the sand an inch before you touch the Ball
  4. Pros usually hit the sand an inch or two before they touch the ball. This helps the ball in getting out of the sand to some extent. Also, it provides a platform to the ball where it lands and receives the blow of the Club Head, properly.

  5. Stand with Feet wide open
  6. In such scenarios, Pros always stand with their legs wide open. Wide Open legs give them more grip on the ground and they can easily hit the accurate point in order to get the ball out of the sand. If the legs are not wide open, the golfer may miss his target and this might have an impact on the power too.

  7. Stand with the Ball slightly at the back of your middle
  8. When compared to the normal shots, for this kind of shot, Pros stand with the ball further back than a normal bunker shot. This helps them get under the ball and hit it with power which can help the ball in getting out of the sand.

  9. Swing with Power and Uniform Flow
  10. Pros usually give a powerful blow to the ball and the line of the club head swings along with their feet. This helps the ball roll and pop out of the sand pit.

These techniques can be improved by practicing them.

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