Creating A Perfect Golf Stance – 5 Tried And True Tips

Having the perfect golf stance can have a great effect on how certain shots are played. This allows you to focus while approaching the play with intentions of a good outcome. Many golfers admit they have issues getting their stance in good position. Certain plays will require a wider stance and if you can remember which plays needed more balance for better swinging, this can help in determining the best way to set up for your shot. Here are 5 tips on how to perfect your stance.

  1. Keep body weight evenly balanced when making shots from toe to heel. The perfect stand will be what you create for the shot. This can change from time to time depending on the shot being made. Establishing balance is important since it will help you make a solid consistent swing motion from start to finish. Plus it makes it easier to focus on what you need to do to make solid contact with the ball.
  2. When spreading your feet avoid pointing toes outward at an angle. Some say you can point your toes out just a tad to help establish balance if necessary, but you can keep your toes straight ahead and have your feet in line with each other as they are spread apart.
  3. There is a difference between bending and flexing when it comes to the knees. They should be flexed slightly instead of bent. Your knees should be flexed because it makes it easier for you to swing and be a little closer to the ball. If you bend your knees you may not have as much flexibility to move when swinging through the shot.
  4. When using a driver, fairway or longer clubs widen your stance. Look to make it wider than the width of your shoulder by a couple of inches. This gives more balance as you setup for the shot, but it also gives the golfer more control of the swing while working to make contact with the ball.
  5. When using shorter clubs such as a wedge or short iron, your stance doesn’t have to be as wide. This means you can take your normal stance and swing through your shot. In some cases you are not trying to get the ball to travel as far, so a wider stance isn’t needed.

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