4 Effective Solutions To Common Wedge Play Problems

If you are new to the golfing world, you might fear playing wedge shots, as they require a lot of precise moves to make the ball go the right distance. But once you master the technique, you will be a pro and will be able to play some of the best golf ever. Wedge shots are most common when golfers are setting up to score one stroke under par.


The following are four tips to help you perfect those wedge shots:

  • Pay attention to your stance
  • The main thing in a wedge shot is to have a proper setup. Don’t stand too far from the ball and maintain an open stance so that even if you make a shorter swing, you can still try again.

  • Position your clubface
  • You should never have an open clubface when playing a wedge shot. What you should do is to maintain your clubhead in alignment with the leading edge. You should also create a target in your hand and then create a mental path from your ball to the target so that you know what you need to achieve. This will also help you position your clubhead when it makes contact with the ball.

  • Control that distance
  • You should always control how far you are going to hit the ball. Keep practicing your backswing and keep your target in mind at all times. If you swing your arms backwards to the right extent, you can move the ball the right distance and perfect that wedge shot.

  • Maintain a good tempo
  • If you want to keep a good golf swing tempo, you should always make sure your legs are in place. When you swing the ball, you should always put the most power in your hands and arms. Always keep your hips closed when taking the shot.

When you maintain a good golf swing tempo, you can also make clean contact with the golf ball and ensure that it goes the right distance as well as ensures a good follow through. If you keep your hands and arms in the right position, you can control your swing and the clubhead will also be facing the right direction.


In order to perfect your wedge shots, the main thing is to keep practicing with your club. Once you get the right motion, you will be able to master the shot. Make sure you are aware of your body’s position when taking the shot as well as maintain a proper stance to get the desired results.

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