How To Make A Powerful Swing When Playing Golf

It just needs some drills to perfect the swing

To master the game of golf, you need a powerful swing. The force in the swing does not come automatically. You have to drill yourself a lot. Here, we will give you some tried and tested golf tips, which will let you make your downswing and backswing stronger and consistent.

How to make a stronger swing?

You must have heard the term “sequence” when you discuss swing in golf. It is an important aspect of swing. It means that the sequence in which the body parts should move while you take a backswing and go ahead with the impact. The key to a good downswing is to learn sequencing first.

Loading tension in muscles in right sequence

You should know how to load muscles in the body in correct sequence. If you load tension in wrong muscles, your backswing will not come out well. To load the right amount of tension in your trunk first, you need to shift the body weight to the back leg. Then, stabilize your buttocks. These powerful muscles let you aid power to the downswing. After this loading is done, you should load tension in your shoulders and arms and then fire the club. You have to loosen your stiff muscles for drilling this tip.

You also need to practice on giving more momentum to the swing and correctly bending your wrists.

Keep your feet together

You do not need to move your legs and shoulders in excess. If you move more than it is needed, you will end up unbalancing your body. You might distort the angle you formed at the address. To improve the backswing, you should keep your feet together. It will also allow great wrist function when you hit the ball.

Drill the swinging action by adding weight to the club

You must have practiced warming up your body for swings by tying two clubs together. But, that uncomfortable exercise can be replaced by this simple drill. You just need to add weight to the club. You can cover your club with the head cover and tie it with a thread. Begin practicing backswing with your back almost facing the target. Turn around as much as possible. While you do this exercise, you can improve your sequence, awareness and control. This drill is typically recommended for al golfers. If you want to improve your backswing and add power to it, you need to give in a lot of time to such drills.

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